Ode to grass

decembrie 26, 2016 at 10:47 am (Uncategorized)

Puțini oameni se văd în majoritatea, care se repetă mereu și mereu sub o altă formă, deși alt timp nu au.

From time to time I will be gone
to live my present there,
not for the future, but everywhere.
The ancestor of multiple numbers
Is made by spirit and the spirit had
been spread on your bread to conquer
your feelings of loneliness.
You love people who invite you to eat
beside them, for they share their spirit away.
I love the people I miss most,
for sharing their thoughts, their desires, their honest
feelings to me, for sharing themselves; I miss people
I haven’t met yet, but I know for sure that
I love them not for their powers,
but for the power I can leave inside them to grow
with the impossible desire of giving it back exactly
same amount. Multiple numbers want to increase multiplicity,
but the final ancestor of the year doesn’t want to.
For I have my limits (don’t you have yours too?).


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